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Renault Cars Price in Nepal

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Renault Cars Price in Nepal

The past two years have seen a good demand for Renault cars in Nepal. The French company started distributing cars from 2016, after finding success in India.

The Kwid and the Duster were the first two Renault cars that the people got their hands on. These cars delivered more than what people expected from a brand many has not even heard of. That scenario has changed and Renault is now in the race with all the other top brands in the market.

What led to the success of Renault in such a short time?

Quality! Affordability! Fuel Efficiency!

All these properties are key ingredients to attract customers in the automotive industry. Renault cars offer them all.

This article will talk about all Renault cars available in Nepal, with its key specs.

Renault Car Price in Nepal

ModelVariantFuelPrice (NRS)
KWID 0.8LRxlPetrol19,89,700
Rxt ‘O’Petrol21,53,700
Kwid 1.0LRxtPetrol23,30,730
Rxt ‘O’Petrol24,58,556
KWID AMTRXLPetrol21,96,613
Rxt ‘O’Petrol24,11,663
RXS CVTPetrol51,46,085
RXS DSLDiesel45,15,676
RxZ AMTDiesel53,46,313
RxZ AWDDiesel58,62,553
RXT MonoPetrol53,92,670
RXT DualPetrol55,32,814
RXT MonoDiesel59,28,351
RXT DualDiesel60,49,116
Platine DualDiesel64,89,307

Renault KWID

Renault Kwid Price in Nepal

The Kwid is an entry-level hatchback from Renault. It has a fine SUV design and some nice features you wouldn't expect from a car in this segment.

Renault first launched the Kwid with the 0.8L engine in Nepal. Since it got a positive response from its customers, they brought the Kwid with a 1.0L engine. Renault even threw in an automatic transmission variant to the existing Kwid fleet.

Ever since it has been making good sales and is one of the top contenders in the small car segment.

Kwid has the best-in-class cabin space, mileage and ground clearance. It is also the first budget car to get a digital instrument cluster and AMT transmission.

The top end variants get more features like fog lamps, keyless entry, and a 7-inch touchscreen system.

The price of the base version of Kwid in Nepal is under 20 lakhs.

Key Specs

Body Type: Hatchback

Displacement: 999 cc

Number of gears: 5

Max Power: 68 PS/ 5500 RPM

Max Torque: 91 Nm/ 4250 RPM

Vehicle Weight: 660 kg

Ground Clearance: 180 mm

Fuel Capacity: 28 Litres

Highway Mileage: 24 kmpl

Boot Space: 300 Liters

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

In Nepal, if you think of Renault, the Duster comes to mind. This could be because of how Renault chose to promote the Duster. This rugged compact SUV quickly became the ideal choice for many customers in Nepal.

The Duster gets an aggressive stance and a unique outer body design. The design is well suited for an off-roader vehicle. The Duster handles some of the rough terrains of the country. But without 4-wheel drive feature, it is best not to test it in more extreme off-road.

The Duster is available in 7 trims with petrol and diesel option. The RxZ diesel trims have an option of an All-Wheel Drive and or an Automatic Transmission.

The starting price of the Renault Duster in Nepal is 37.78 lakhs.

Key Specs

Body Type: Compact SUV

Displacement: 1498 cc

Number of gears: 5

Max Power: 104 PS/ 5600 RPM

Max Torque: 148 Nm/ 4000 RPM

Vehicle Weight: 1170 kg

Ground Clearance: 205 mm

Fuel Capacity: 50 Litres

Highway Mileage: 13 kmpl

Boot Space: 475 Liters

Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy

The Lodgy is Multi-Purpose Vehicle from Renault. As you'd expect from an MPV, the Lodgy has a long body and can seat 7/8 people and offers plenty of space.

The Lodgy has got a bold design and Renault has crafted it with a lot of practical features.

It comes with a 1.5L dCi engine with 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission. The 5-speed is capable of producing 85 PS of power while the 6-Speed can do 110 PS.

ABS, EBD and Brake Assist for better braking control are also integrated into the system. Other safety features include dual airbags and cruise control. It also has engine immobilizer, touchscreen infotainment system, and steering mount controls.

Apart from all the practicality and performance, it has a great fuel economy of 21 km per liter.

Renault Lodgy comes with 6 color options, and the entry-level costs 45 lakhs in Nepal.

Key Specs

Body Type: MPV

Displacement: 1461 cc

Number of gears: 5/6

Max Power: 85 PS/ 3750 RPM

Max Torque: 200 Nm/ 1900 RPM

Vehicle Weight: 1337 kg

Ground Clearance: 180 mm

Fuel Capacity: 50 Litres

Highway Mileage: 21 kmpl

Boot Space: 207 Liters

Renault Captur

Renault Captur

The Captur is the latest and most premium offering from Renault in Nepal.

It is a sleek looking compact SUV that grabs a lot of attention. The attractive design of this SUV is further enhanced by its dual tone body paint.

The interior of this SUV provides great comfort and hosts new technologies.  Speed limiter, Cruise Control, wheel control, and rain-sensing wipers are a few of them. The Captur also gets the same braking safety features available in the Lodgy.

The unique part of this car is that it gets a smart key card instead of a conventional key.

Renault Captur is available in 9 trims, with the price starting at 48 lakhs. ‘Platine Dual’, which is the top end variant of Captur, will costs you 64.89 lakhs in Nepal.

On the downside, an automatic transmission isn't available on any of these variants.

Key Specs

Body Type: Compact SUV

Displacement: 1498 cc

Number of gears: 5/6

Max Power: 105 PS/ 5600 RPM

Max Torque: 142 Nm/ 4000 RPM

Vehicle Weight: 1184 kg

Ground Clearance: 210 mm

Fuel Capacity: 50 Litres

Highway Mileage: 14 kmpl

Boot Space: 392 Liters

All four of these Renault cars have two things in common.

High ground and great fuel economy.

That is exactly what most Nepali customers look for in a car. Hence it comes as no surprise that Renault has made a big impact on the market.

Within a span of two years, the Kwid and the Duster have managed to make outstanding numbers in regards to sales. These two cars have done justice to its owners and to Renault.

Now it's up to the Captur and the Lodgy to live up to the brand name.

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